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Refer-A-Friend to PartyCouples.com
We need your help to make PartyCouples.com a great lifestyle community. Join our "Refer-A-Friend" program and receive rewards and prizes during the initial free trial period and giveaways PLUS membership time when we start charging a fair price for the site.
It is simple and easy to join if you are a PartyCouples.com member with a profile. Everyone you send from the supplied marketing banner is electronically coded to your account! All you need to do is present your customized coded banner on your site or have your friends use that special URL address and you get the credit.
To start referring your friends and receiving credit for then, just pick which banner you wish to use from the selection below... copy-n-paste the "Linking Code" into you web page or group.
Each time someone clicks on the banner and opens an account at PartyCouples.com, we log that you referred that person. You will begin earning points right away. Wait until you see the cool rewards we will be giving out to our members for bringing your friends to PartyCouples.com.

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