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FREE Lifetime Memberships Available Now! PartyCouples is totally, 100% advertiser supported and does not ask you for a credit card or any kind of payment. PartyCouples however is a "Play to Stay" website. We don't want useless profiles. They are a waste of time when searching for new friends. If you don't log-into your account at least monthly, you will loose your free membership.

We do ask that you support the advertisers on our site that are paying the bills that keep this site free for your use. The charge sites will cry we are selling your e-mail address and this is simply not true.
The advertisers are never given your e-mail or personal information! was created to provide a safe web media space to meet other like-minded couples and singles. We are only providing you the electronic media to market yourself and strike up conversations with couples and singles you find interesting. Your are responsible for all of the photos you upload to the site! Please do not break any laws ( no children or animals in photos ) . is an exclusive On-line community! "Build it and they will come" PartyCouples is your web community. BE PATIENT in the opening days. This is not our first rodeo .. it takes time to get everyone to see lots of new profiles. Get yours in there and keep checking back.. If there is nobody here, post your profile and wait. They will come. Tell your friends .. they can use the $20 a month they are saving for gas!.

CERTIFIED COUPLES !! The best way to know you are conversing with a real couple is the Real Authentication Process. We have a restricted level of access only available to COUPLES willing to prove they are for real. You can even lock your photos so they can only be seen by other Certified Couples!
120 Photos Per Profile !! Wow -- now you can store your sensitive photos right on and keep them away from the computer experts you call your children. Store up to 120 photos per profile complete with methods to re-download them back to your computer. Easily send any photo to any other member !


PartyCouples Superior Qualities
  The Best in features .... We have all of the latest and greatest features to help you make that connection with other hot couples and singles. You can pick and choose who sees your profile and you can communicate in all of the main forms of communication. Instant Messaging (IM), Internal Mail, Photo attachments, Wish List - White List and much more.
No Affiliate programs: Affiliate programs make your cost of a website go up to pay the affiliates. All of the sites that have a webmasters like, affiliate site charge their members more money so they can hand your hard-earned dollars to another person. Whasss with that. So we are free, and we have no affiliate programs!
Technological Advances: PartyCouples has the latest and greatest features of any lifestyle website. We have features that other sites only wish they could have! We listen to our members and make things happen. Sooner or later, just about everything you ask for will become a feature of the site if the suggest works for everyone.

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