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PartyCouples Helpful Hints

Complete Profile

  1. Your profile IS your first impression made to potential friends. When looking over your profile to spruce it up a little, think about what YOU look for when scanning through other profiles. What do you look for? What turns you off when reading other profiles?
  2. Most people don't read entire profiles (at first). What you say in your first essay question pretty much tells your story. People tend to read more once they know there is interest from both sides.
  3. Profiles without photos generally don't do as well as profiles with photos. ( Do not use a porn shot as your primary photo - your profile will be deleted ) FACE PHOTOS -- If you are new and worried about photos at first, we suggest that you upload body shots, walking on the beach shots and other photos that don't really identify your face. If you use face shots, blur the eye-line or use pixilated faces so you can be recognized. This is very easy to do in just about any photo manipulation program. In any case, you need photos to succeed. You probably will skip profiles yourself when looking for other couples to meet if there is no photos... right? Just makes it look like you are serious and people will not just be wasting time talking with you.
  4. SINGLES - NO DICK PHOTOS AS YOUR MAIN PROFILE PHOTO!! Your profile will be deleted.
  5. NO WEB ADDRESSES OR E-MAIL ADDRESSES IN YOUR PROFILE! You will just get deleted and loose all of the forward movement you have to get top this point. And yes we know about "dot com" and all of the other bypasses. We have programs that look for web addresses, no matter how you spell them or hide them and there are people that collect e-mail addresses and SPAM you from posting them on your essay. Guess who gets blamed for the SPAM mail after you sign-up and immediately start getting SPAM mail... we do.
Email: "Donít know how to start"? Here are a couple ideas:
  1. Make sure you read their profile first so you can see what the other member is all about!
  2. Put them on your WISH LIST so they can see you are interested. They may be more outgoing than you are.
  3. Send a nice email saying hello and that you liked their profile and are interested in meeting them. (include a photo)
  4. You can include some stuff about yourselves and maybe send a picture showing your bodies so the other member has an idea generally what you look like. Faces are not required here. Wait for the answer.
  5. When asking questions of another member, answer the same questions in your text when communicating with the other member.
  6. When you do receive e-mails from other members, be sure to give common courtesy and write them back and express your interest, or tell people you are not interested in a simple "No Thanks." Be polite, nobody likes to be ignored.
  7. Once you make communication by e-mail, get phone numbers and chat on the phone before your meeting to make sure both people are cool with this. Sometimes you will be communicating with a couple where the one side or the other does not know about the Lifestyle, or the meeting. You need to avoid these meetings.
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The first meeting:
  1. Local Club or Dance Party Event. These are particularly good for first meetings, plenty to see and do. New couples should always try to locate the local Swing Clubs, Meet & Greets and Dance Parties. These are great places to get your feet wet in the Lifestyle and see if this is the correct recreation for you. There is generally no pressure at these events to participate in anything, you will get known by others as being real enough to attend events, and you will get to see what the other members look like in real-time.
  2. Dinner is always a great way to get to know another couple, but can be awkward if you don't like the couple! The one-on-one face time at dinner without loud music drowning out your conversation really advances your friendship... or lack of. You might want to start off with meeting for drinks. Meeting for drinks has less of a time requirement than a full-blown dinner engagement. If the other couple is less than attractive, you really can't walk out of a dinner with grace. Couple of drinks and you can say... "Well gotta go." If both couples are having a great time, you can retire to either home, or continue the evening someplace local to both.
  3. Meeting by Web Cam really cuts to the chase. You can actually see the couple on the other end and do fun performances for them if the feeling is there. No fakes on Webcam... you are what you are.
  4. Face-To-Face is always the best way to meet people. It's the chemistry that really counts. They can be the hottest looking couple and when you meet they may be the least social people you have ever met or just "not do anything" for you. Once you are face-to-face with another couple and chat for a while, you will know right away if you are going to hit it off or not.
  5. Be sure to tell the truth about what you are looking for. Nobody likes spend time with people only to find out they are not what they advertise in the way of experience and desires. If you are not ready -- thinking about it -- or just ready to play at your level, this is OK as long as your tell people up front what you are all about.
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Hints for your first visit to a swing club
  1. First things first... be sure to always bring your own lube and condoms. Even if your not intending on participating its better to be safe than sorry. Always bring one or two non-latex condoms. Some women can't deal with latex.
  2. Make sure you talk the evening out with your mate. Know what your limits are and set signals you both recognize when you become uncomfortable or don't like another couple. (time to move along signal)
  3. Only go to a Swing Club or Social Event with a good attitude. Any problems with your relationship will be amplified, not fixed!
  4. When going to a swing club you are not forced to participate in any activities. You can just watch if you so desire. You will have the best time if you relax and see what happens. When chemistry is there, you will know it.
  5. Lots of people use the clubs as a way to meet couples they are interested in. Remember, Swing Clubs, Social Events and Dance Parties are attended by other couples with there to experience the same fun and excitement your are. Say hello to everyone!
  6. Respect for others is everything. You want the time and respect and so do other couples. When walking around the play rooms keep your voices low if you must talk, and stay away from giggling and laughing. Some new couples deal with open sexuality by giggling. This is distracting and makes you look rather childish.
  7. Most Swing Clubs allow you to bring your own booze and mixers. Be sure not to over indulge. Too much alcohol might impede male performance or make you look undesirable. You really don't want to get into a sexual experience and not be able to perform because you had too many drinks. Plus, you really don't want to get nabbed on the way home by the local police department either.
  8. Viagra and Livetra are GREAT for some situations. Ask you doctor for advise. Some males have no problems at home with their hottie, but with new people and with people watching, the game has changed! Many guys can experience problems with "performance anxiety" when hooking-up with a new women with the wife is there. Happens to the best of us from time to time. Best way to prevent this from being a problem is to be prepared.
  9. If you go into a play room and wish to join, watch for a little while so you don't look too aggressive. Look for signs! Other couples will look at you if they are interested in you. Some may just want to be watched to make their sex more exciting. It's all good, go with the flow and don't try to change what people are looking for. If it is meant to b, it will happen right then. NEVER touch anyone without a node or some acceptance. It is hard to describe in text, but once you are there, you will know when the time is right. If you are interested in another couple, place yourself near them and play with your mate. If there is interest and you are all naked playing, it makes it real easy to intermingle.
  10. When you are finished playing, have the courtesy to clean up after yourself. Nobody likes to step in a used condom! Your mother is not going to pick up after you! Have respect for the club and the other members, pick up after yourself... including the wrappers.
  11. Remember... when you are done, others may still be engaged in the most exciting sex of their life. Don't sit around and talk about your lousy football team! Quitely leave the room, get a fresh drink and talk out the encounter with your mate.
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Conventions are a blast! Too much fun for sure. A convention can bring THOUSANDS of horny, hot couples together in the same spot at the same time. You can only imagine what can come out of that! Fact is, conventions are huge social events. They provide thousands of like-minded couples the opportunity to socialize with others, dance and drink. Most conventions do not allow open sexuality, not because the promoters don't like it, because it is still illegal to have sex in public places. The promoters would love for you to have sex whenever you so desire. That would ensure your repeat attendance for sure, but it just can't happen. There are a few cases where the entire facility is taken-over by the convention and the hotel management is less restrictive... but not very often.
In most cases you find and converse with other hot couples in these events and return to a hotel room with them for some hot follow-up action. It is just human nature that takes over after a few drinks, some hot dancing and open minds. Generally the friendship starts with introductions from other couples, or girl-girl action initiated by the female of the couple. Girls can easily walk up and touch other girls, where this is not an accepted practice for guys until after the friendship begins. Who made these rules anyway? A little touchy-feely, and few sexy dances and you are bound to be on your way to a room if that is in person set of rules.
Some conventions have PARTY SUITES. These are fun and make it very easy to engage in sex with other couples without the need to go through the social thing. You go into the party suites and people are having sex literary everywhere. That is the fun and excitement of the whole thing. The room smells and feels like sex. You can elect to attend such a party suite or stay in the social dances ...your choice. Some prefer getting to know people better and some are there just for the sport-sex, girl-girl action, threesomes and other fun.
If you have never been to a Lifestyles Convention... this is a MUST GO event for you. You need to experience what it like to be part of a party of 2000 horny couples all dressed sexy and feeling sexy. Best advise to you is to get into the game. Same hello to everyone that walks by you. Introduce yourself and look available. People that huddle off in corners will never get hit on and not have a good time. You are there to meet people and have a good time... so by all means, do so!



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